Extraordinary successes

Professionals for our companies

hengi creates high-performance projects by providing companies with high-profile professionals in the field of:

Productivity for and with persons

Hengi's multi-tasking experience

Our managers like to call themselves organisational and temporary tools because they act in synergy and are synchronised with the company and its people.

They are used to work following objectives and do not leave the company until the implementation processes are fully completed. They have lot of experience in multiple sectors and disciplines and have a high-level strategic consulting organisation (hengi) behind them which supports and advises them on a daily basis.

Ad-Hoc projects

Our projects are always created ad-hoc by our internal team and are constantly monitored to achieve the desired results within a short period of time.

Our temporary projects are achieving extraordinary success. For example they redefine the integrated business model and signing important partnership agreements.

A company requires a Temporary Manager when there is a need to support the owner in the company management, when there is a manager repacement, during generational changeovers or a company crisis, at the opening of new production and/or commercial branches and during internationalisation processes.

Our professionals are also skilled for critical transitions such as high growth or expansion, change of business strategy, company re-launch, development of new channels, brand repositioning and relocation and/or process outsourcing.

Many are the advantages

Our managers for our Temporary projects

Pamela Solinas

Marketing & Lean Executive

Pamela Solinas

Pamela Solinas, 15 years of experience in strategic marketing and online/offline communication – Today 10 completed temporary marketing management projects (ad-hoc strategic marketing plans) with multiple partnerships created to define commercial marketing strategies and develop them successfully with the entire company team.

Gianmarco Amadori

IBH bu Manager

Gianmarco Amadori

Gianmarco Amadori, a management engineer and high-level professional manager. He quickly becomes the production manager in his supply chain and directly manages the team to achieve the most effective and sustainable productivity for the company vision.

Gianfranco Borda

Corporate bu Manager

Gianfranco Borda

Gianfranco Borda, head of the business unit for contemporary digital communication. He has strategic and operational skills – also on an international level. He manages and develops our creative team to make it identifiable, recognisable and interactive with its internal and external partners.