Real estate agency tbtb 4.0

The current market perspective

Gone is the era of the market making by price-product-service setting where real estate agencies worked according to a “do it well” behaviour, today these factors are living a very difficult moment due to their commercial management and behaviour.

Beyond the act of selling

Selling less,
to sell better

This is due to the fact that perpetuating the same strategies and commercial tactics always oriented to the customer’s needs does not lead to anything, instead it generates continuous customer lack of satisfaction and an increasing price-related speculation. We acknowledge that the market leads agencies to barter their turnover for actions that force them, if they have no effective strategies, to sell a lot, to “sell worse” and then stop selling.

Following the charachteristic of real estate agencies looking for the number of total sales with increasingly risky margins, they experience the serious risk of going into debt either to pay rising operating costs or, even more critically, to finance today ever-increasing radical innovation investments.

4.0 Real Estate

The accelerated growth of the planet has started to slow down mainly in economic terms and it will be necessary to learn how "not to do" the agency, but to learn how to "be" a growing real estate company in a market that will see a 30% global contraction over the next 15-20 years (by 2050).

the best of the best

• high demand

• beyond price

• human quality of the product

• people-oriented leadership

• motivation and productivity

the good of the good

• low demand

• according to price media

• medium quality

• false people-oriented approach

• motivation and false productivity

the best of the worst

• high demand

• low price

• low quality

• weak people-oriented approach

• demotivation and false productivity

Long-lasting success

The the best of the best (tbtb) model will be the winning model. It will create a long-lasting success in the new and current marketplace of ideas.

Human quality

This real estate company wants to be the best company for and with the others. Its ideas, that are valorised by the market, lead to an increasingly higher level of human quality results.

The strategic market approach

Today, how can a real estate organisation keep on following a winning, strategic and commercial orientation?
Certainly the first step in the right direction is to start selling better to sell more.
What does it mean?

Today is quality that brings quantity

The market-based approach should aim towards the achievements of the desired position and not only to increase the number of sales. Therefore, buying and selling more is no longer important. Instead what is important is who we want to be and what we want to achieve in terms of productivity and motivated customer. The motivated customer should always be the most useful and unique reference.

Company 4.0

To achieve this kind of success, today real estate companies should rethink their commercial strategy with a view to a 4.0 key function. No longer just policy issues and sales teams oriented towards clients, property acquisitions, sales and margins, but also the creation of an integrated system in the organisation to face the chances of the contemporary market.

4.0 Real Estate

The integrated system, the real estate company

Hengi’s goal is to evolve real estate agency trasforming it into a contemporary organisation able to enhance its brand value and fix its target positioning to achieve a resulting productivity based on quality. Clients become partners who grow together because they share the same tone of voice.

The comparison based on valueis the new frontier where to compete to be and achieve the most useful and unique real estate company in the market. Being always the most desirable to our customers that become partners to achieve the common growth.

The strategic real estate organisation makes the difference because, as a tbtb company, it places the customer as a person at the centre and highlights the cutomer’s style and personality through the purchase of a life-changing property to make him and the people around him feel better.

The strategic customer-oriented approach is not enough. We should develop a synchronized team play because it is efficient and effective thanks to our management and engineering methodologies to gain productivity. Every activity and every result should be planned according to working stages and developed through a process of ongoing improvement. This optimises people’s efforts toward company growth to achieve consolidation goals and company expansion.

Last but not least, the real estate company should have a strategic marketing approach. This approach defines company targets and should think and pursue a contemporary communication to make the market value of the real estate agency aesthetic and highly desiderable.

tbtb 4.0 real estate company

Advancing toward the contemporary marketplace of ideas to get a position as a tbtb company
Strategic customer-oriented approach
An efficient and effective sales team
Integrated synchronous system in synergy and simbiosys
Mktg and communication

1 · Strategic customer-oriented approach

Focusing on the customer to become the most productive and motivating real estate company on the market:

• Growing the commercial attitude of real estate consultants to stand out.

• Learning the art of listening for ensuring the customer confidence.

• Understanding and making the customer clearly understand which property he wants and why.

• Sharing with the customer “how” he can improve to achieve an excellent and fast sales/purchase of his property.

• Motivating the customer concerning the current and future advantages of the sales/purchase of the property. Explaining the reason why working with hengi si central to him.

• Explaining the meaning of defining and managing a customer strategy.

• How to handle the customer’s objections to take in real time a decision and overcome personal insecurities.

2 · An efficient and effective sales team

It is no longer at the mercy of itself trying to sell more and better products and services always with pricing panic, but an organisation that thinks together and chooses the winning attitude to be the best for and with the best customers.
Placing the unique market value of the company is the challenging goal.

• Defining the progressive commercial budget to realise the vision and gain productivity and a consolidated real estate company expansion.

• In line with the commercial strategy, it identifies effective tactics to manage all customers in a tbtb key and give marginal productivity to its production processes.

• Identifying the winning business approach to make a difference and listening, understanding and implementing the most useful and unique strategic solution for and with the customer.

• Analysis to evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness produced by visits to a/b/c customers and to solid and potential customers

• Analysing and monitoring business results with intelligence and ambition to encourage improvement and motivate corrective actions

3 · The strategic customer-oriented approach

Focusing on the customer to become the most productive and motivating real estate company on the market:
Strategic marketing

• Creating the perfect market analysis

• Developing a specific dialogue with the customer to share the desired improvement

• Creating the precise discussions between the sales team and the customer to grow the strategic orientation towards continuous improvement.

Strategic communication

• Evolving traditional communication into a contemporary one, making it digital and capable of expressing the meaning of ‘being an agency’ and sharing the beauty and value of the company culture.

• Defining communication channels, timing and methods for approaching the market, the type of client and the positioning that the real estate company intends to achieve.

• Giving the agency our contemporary communication

• Creating the internal and external community to be a socio-economic real estate company and an absolute value for the improvement of the collectivity

Desired results

Collaborators and best customers

The real estate company proposed by hengi chooses and develops a commercial attitude capable of making a difference in the market. No longer being ‘marked’ on the basis of products and services, but becoming the most highly desirable company for its identity, values and beauty.

The approach is to sell always better, to sell moreand creating those successful market conditions for the winning market of ideas.

The end product of the real estate agency is developing better employees and better clients to be a better company for and with better customers.


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