Starting point

Unival has always stood out for the undeniable quality of its thermo-sanitary products. With hengi it shares the value of expanding the company’s great quality, without damaging the effectiveness and strong motivation of the people working there. The strategic consolidated expansion becomes the pivot project to become a tbtb company and expand internationally.

Challenging objective of the tbtb project

Ezio Sala, owner and founder of Unival, has very clear ideas and sees in his own organisation the strategic element underpinning the new tbtb company. Optimising the value of people towards the streamlining and excellence of industrial processes, rethinking the efficiency of internal logistics and implementing an integrated strategic commercial system are the challenges that his leadership perspective has to tackle. The consequence is the growth of a strong strategic organisation. This organisation can tackle causatively fluid and unstable world markets and stand out thanks to his personality and uncompromising professionalism.

Development of the tbtb project

The company organisation wanted to redefine the new strategic organisation chart according to the challenging corporate vision. Teamwork was rethought in terms of roles, functions, productivity and shared authority. Re-imagining and tracking the internal flow of productivity has enabled the acceleration of internal efficiencies and a drastical reduction of business muda. In addition, each manager defined his or her own level of leadership in order to become increasingly involved in Unival’s expansion. This is the way to make the company be the best for and with people.

There was a strong emphasis on increasing internal productivity to improve the company’s commercial performance and, consequently, customer satisfaction. Decisive strategic digital communication made the change aesthetic for the market. Today the market demands an ongoing company improvement.

Used Business Units

  • HSC, High Strategic Consulting
  • IBH, Industrial Business Hengineering
  • Digital Corporate, Company strategic communication
  • Strategic Applied Marketing

A company high quality tbtb result reached with hengi

The great growth obtained by Unival shows how much Ezio Sala wanted the umpteenth change for his organization to continue to be the best. The international vocation has expanded and today the company is recognised for its immense human, technological, service and product quality in safeguarding people’s lives. Its consolidated expansion is a certainty. This consolidated increase has also considerably enhanced the company’s industrial and logistical dimension.

Ezio Sala, titolare e fondatore di Unival owner and founder of Unival

We strongly admire Ezio Sala’s ambition and his people-orientated approach. Ezio is an entrepreneur who courageously looks to the future and with hard work and teamwork pro-actively improves the present. Unival is the jewel in his crown and hengi would like to thank him for the opportunity he gave hengi to be at his side during these wonderful years.