Starting point

Loxam Access Italia meets hengi at a fundamental turning point in its history. The company was at the beginning of a strategic reorganization project, resulting from the merger of two companies – Nacanco and Nove – into a single one that adopted multinational policies and strategies for the first time.

Challenging objective of the tbtb project

In 2018, Marzia Giusto, CEO of Loxam Access Italia, chose with hengi to share the strategic challenging company project. This to make her organisation achieve over time “the best of the best (tbtb) company position”. The challenging goal comes from the need to define Loxam’s new company culture, whereby the vision becomes the flagship of the whole organisation.

The vision has defined, promoting the maximum sharing of each role, the different levels of leadership to be an even more symbiotic, synchronised and synergistic organisation. It has the aim of improving internal processes and operating methods. All this has created productivity that involves also customers. Together in building new Loxam’s high desirability to reach utility and uniqueness. This is an innovative and disruptive factor in the Italian aerial platform rental market.

Development of the tbtb project

hengi created a motivating and uncomfortable comparison with the company managers in order to achieve a new growth pact and involve everyone in building and growing the most desired Loxam Access, for and with people. Once the company culture was defined, a new strategic organisation chart was rethought building quality internal exchange, in terms of motivation and productivity. Strategic and tactical priorities were defined to achieve productivity and become the best on the market.

The commercial management function was brought back into play through a strategy of market repositioning. This was essential to gain the highest desirability for customers. Hence, the strategic customer 4.0 was created, to identify the market segments that could evolve and become the best of the best company. Therefore, a more strategic communication and marketing have started to spread the brand, making the essential advantage an aesthetical value that Loxam wants to bring to the outside world. At the same time, inside the company, the strategic analysis of productivity has highlighted the strategic and tactical factors to make productivity an excellent value, concerning functions and geographical areas.

Used Business Units

  • HSC, Hig Strategic Consulting
  • IBH, Industrial Business Hengineering
  • Digital Corporate
  • Strategic Applied Marketing

A company high quality tbtb result reached with hengi

Today Loxam renews and continues with hengi the evolution of the company’s challenging strategic plan to be tbtb on the market. The company has an organisation that fully adheres to the company culture and methodically shares strategic priorities and tactics that are effective in achieving the productivity and growth defined by the international group. People’s motivation is high because they are totally involved in the growth project. They are protagonists of company’s expansion. The successful commercial attitude should always be more qualified towards the market of new best customers. Otherwise, current clients are involved in a new culture that brings the value of the consultancy to be more than a service compared to the mere market price.

The strategic analysis of productivity has led to an increase in internal management and intermediate results are reached in shorter time. This is a great pleasure for the people working there. Loxam has become an important reference for the Paris-based multinational and it is becoming more and more a “the best of the best company”.

Marzia Giusto, CEO Loxam Access Italia

Marzia Giusto is a brilliant manager, aware and ambitious. She wants to make her organisation to be the best on the market and make people grow and develop within the framework of a strategic challenging and shared project. Sharing with Marzia the authentic people-orientated growth was for out hengi’s team a real chance. All this has lead us to build a challenging vision that has changed their lives for the better.