Starting point

Fromm Italiana, the territory headquarters of the Swiss multinational, felt the need to develop and chose the “human-centric” approach as the basis of its leadership model. The aim is to grow the already existing value of the person as a renewed basis for increased internal productivity and motivating individual contributions. hengi has enthusiastically embraced Fromm Italiana’s challenge to be a tbtb partner for its international group.

Challenging objective of the tbtb project

From the beginning, the importance of sharing and document the vision has been very clear. A people-oriented approach more than a product-oriented one was chosen. This has allowed to the company organisation to stand out as its leadership wanted to make people grow to build the motivating company productivity.

We were committed to create a more decisive and crucial team. This was essential to reach the highest commitment and reciprocity. Every single person should grow and make comparisons with their own improvements to create a team play and allow the company to stand out.

Development of the tbtb project

The challenge is to involve strategic managers to define the company motivating project and making the organisation become a tbtb enterprise. The one-on-one comparisons served to encourage individual motivation, tailor personal approach toward improvement and grow as the ‘leader of leaders’.

It was then essential to create a training course where managers learned the leadership principles to create the cause-activity of their role. This is highly important to build a consolidated expansion of the organisation. People management and growth skills were also put into play, to lead the team to a healthy motivating value and force of collective productivity.

The strategic analysis of productivity led to a vertical consultancy aimed at the improvement of production processes and methods. Setting the goal: lowering waste, speeding up production flow and increasing the critical spirit to the completion of personal development and to increase the team effectiveness. Hence, the more efficient and effective production function has implemented the organisation’s spirit and commitment to be the best by developing better people.

During the renovation and extension of the premises, hengi’s Digital Corporate designed and developed a “visual” internal communication project, aimed at engaging people to share the challenging company values and the beauty of belonging to Fromm.

Used Business Units

  • HSC, High Strategic Consulting
  • IBH, Industrial Business Hengineering
  • Digital Corporate, Company strategic communication

A company high quality tbtb result reached with hengi

Today middle leadership is fully involved in the strong company culture and the teamwork is oriented, with precision and punctuality, to the challenging objectives to make a difference inside and outside the international company group of the sector. The organization’s attitude towards change is definitely a highlight and it shapes the company while rapidly advancing towards its consolidated expansion.

The analysis of processes and results is continuous and demonstrates significant increases in productivity every year. Fromm Italiana is a model for the multinational company and contributes to the worldwide diffusion of the brand in terms of quality, safety and lifestyle. Fromm Italiana has decided to have hengi as a strategic partner for the years to come.

Roberto Vallani, CEO of Fromm Italiana

From the outset, Roberto Vallani has shown to be a very good people manager. He focuses on their growth and commitment to the company. He has an exceptional passion and intelligence and wants to achieve with his team a tbtb company position that can stand out for the parent company. His approach to teamwork is an element of admiration and constant challenge for hengi.