Starting point

In 2018, Extrema is experiencing the increasingly important value of focusing on people by placing them at the centre of its strategic growth project. Maximizing productivity and employee motivation is the key. Extrema wants, more and more, to be a tbtb company with a strong and clear “human centric” orientation, to stand out on the market of ideas.

Challenging objective of the tbtb project

Both Federico Lodi, CEO of Extrema, and hengi share the importance of the organization restructuring according to the company challenging values. The aim is to build a team capable of challenging itself in terms of communication quality and the new order of roles and functions. This fosters well-being at work. Consequently,the values create an ideal setup for productivity and motivation, to involve each person in spreading a company culture approach that is oriented to the collective improvement of life.

Development of the tbtb project

Developing an internal leadership growth process was essential to strengthen even more the strategic people-oriented approach. That was an Extrema already recognised value. Sharing the company culture with managers and simplifying the organizational chart allowed a new way of communicating and producing human quality through the tactical strength of “outstanding execution”.

A new commercial strategy was also put into action. According to the desired positioning, this strategy wants to define a winning approach on the market and allows the company to be identified as an ideal partner able to improve people’s lives. An already efficient production function has implemented a new way of thinking and a leaner production process. Therefore, it creates an added economic value for the company.

Then the strategic customer has given order to the daily work of the sales department. The daily work was no longer based on a mere quantity of visits, but on an attitude capable of making the difference in terms of usefulness and uniqueness for the end customer. Always keeping in mind, the value of reciprocity, success leads both parties to greater value.

Used Business Units

  • HSC, High Strategic Consulting
  • IBH, Industrial Business Hengineering
  • Digital Corporate, Company strategic communication
  • Strategic Applied Marketing


A company high quality tbtb result reached with hengi

Following its path, Extrema continues to create a company end quality result that has always more a human advantage. Internal productivity is an added value that allows people to express themselves in a system of continuous improvement, where gratification is the basis of individual motivation. The commercial approach is revolutionized: policies and strategies are more decisive and determining in developing the company. Improvement is no longer valued according to the market, but the company skills and conditions to be considered successful on the market. Extrema is a company that builds strategic tbtb partnerships.

Federico Lodi, CEO of Extrema

Federico Lodi is a manager who always puts people’s happiness above everything and everyone else. He is committed to living a lifestyle linked to the company prosperity. A man of rare human quality and value, he shares the essence of being part of an organization that develops every day better leaders and, quite simply, does more than just a good job. hengi thanks him for this continuous giving.