Starting point

Ever since Ecology System was a start-up, Gianpaolo and Nicola decided to put a strategic-scientific project into play to become the big and successful company they are today. Ecology System and hengi grew up together, sharing the dream of becoming tbtb companies, as it turned out.

Challenging objective of the tbtb project

Setting an ambitious, winning and revolutionary challenge to the staff was the fire that pervaded Gianpaolo and Nicola from the very beginning. The vision is the project core. The organisation has always developed. Self-questioning was the trigger mechanism to be strategic, productive and capable of expanding the business in a consolidated manner. It was no longer a mere waste disposal service, but it became the real, actual emblem of making the world a cleaner place.

Development of the tbtb project

Over the years, the focus has always been on growing people and using effective performance management to boost productivity and achieve the company’s vision. The internal processes organisation and its implementation is always at the forefront in bringing people into play. Consistency and discipline to the company’s strong values and strategic priorities, respect for functions and roles led to achieve the great collective motivation.

The effective leadership in the workplace constantly experiences a horizontal and vertical development. It allows the company to sell its great value on the market, to create the best customer consultancy and go beyond price. The challenge in the near future is the ever-increasing reciprocal exchange with tbtb customers, sharing one’s own great company values, making them your aesthetic brand, the highly desirable company on the market.

Used Business Units

  • HSC, High Strategic Consulting
  • IBH, Industrial Business Hengineering
  • Strategic Applied Marketing

A company high quality tbtb result reached with hengi

Ecology System is now a major player in its sector, with an ongoing process of industrialisation and its own disposal facilities. The middle management strongly believes in the challenging strategic project for the company expansion and is fully motivated by ambition to develop and deeply learn how to be the best. The market recognises the great success of Ecology System’s tbtb values, but the real great achievement is the owners’ deep and positive humility and ambition. They are never satisfied and always committed to make their company a model of contemporary success for and with people.

Gianpaolo Speroni and Nicola Federici, Ecology System owners and founders

Gianpaolo and Nicola are two entrepreneurs driven by an incredible passion for ‘doing business’. At a very early stage, they wanted to be a tbtb company, this has positively stirred their strategic visions to lead their organisation to be the best, without compromise or mediocrity. We have been growing together and cannot thank them enough for being part of such an exciting, uncomfortable and exceptional journey that has made us grow so much.