Case studies

hengi builds the best of the best companies on the market. Read our successful stories shared with our fantastic customers. Read our success stories with our fantastic customers.
Today the quality result of the company is to be more and more productive and motivated to grow its high desirability, both from inside and outside, to evolve as an indispensable reference, because ethical and strategic, of the socio-economic systemin which we all participate.



Loxam: the company culture to be the best of the best

The challenging objective comes from the need to define Loxam’s new company culture, whereby vision becomes the flagship project for the whole organization…

Extrema: our focus is on people

Always more Extrema wants to be a tbtb company. It chose a truly authentic “human-centric” approach to stand out in the marketplace of ideas…

Focus on people


The Real Estate company

Engel&Völkers Desenzano

Engel&Völkers Desenzano: being the tbtb real estate company

Engel&Völkers Desenzano meets hengi to choose and define a successful challenging and strategic project…

Fromm: Innovation to stand out

Fromm Italiana wants to raise the already existing value of the person as a renewed basis for increased internal productivity and individual motivation…

Innovation and production

Fromm Italiana

A decisive team


Arix: Building a more decisive team to be successful

Arix, a leading international company in the home care sector, shares with hengi the need to recreate a consolidated expansion on the home care market…

Unival: Quality to stand out

Unival has always stood out for the undeniable quality of its thermo-sanitary products. With hengi it shares the value of expanding the company’s great quality, without damaging the effectiveness and strong motivation of the people working there. The strategic consolidated expansion becomes the pivot project to become a tbtb company and expand internationally. With hengi it shares the value of expanding the company’s great quality, without internally damaging the effectiveness and strong motivation of the people who work there …





Borsoi: From a dealership to a the best of the best company

The challenge is to become an organisation that stands out for and with the customer, enhancing the internal qualities already recognised by the market and triggering a process of change…

Ecology System: the team that makes the world cleaner

The vision is the core project, the organisation has continuously developed and challenged itself to be strategic, productive and gain consolidation and business expansion…


Ecology System