Industrial business hengineering

Developing leadership behaviour toexperience productivity as an intelligent value

Productivity is the intelligent, proportioned, measurable, real, available, replicable, ameliorable and it can always reach better levels to achieve thevision. Vision is challenging, excesssiveand revolutionary because it is the most useful and the unique experience for people development.

Tackling the value of company productivity has always been a very uncomfortable task for organisations. Understanding whether the company is developing a consolidated expansion in a precise and timely manner is essential to deal with the contemporary market. This crucial question is an inside ongoing discussion and, above all, it imposes order to company growth.

Strengthen the expansion

Make productivity reach better values

The first problem to strengthen expansion concerns productivity and how to make it reach better values. Productivity does not only concern sales volume, costs and margins but the end result of useful collective quality. This result allows the company not only to grow but also to develop the company challenging vision.

Productivity becomes the objective value, always dealing with the uncomfortable vision. The latter is the collective and objective value to achieve growth, it should be pursued every day by people as it is a stimulating ethical value to gain productivity every day.

Beyond triggering new projects to increase company desirability and aesthetics, productivity draws up an increase in company organisation quality. This means, it develops the responsability related to people function and role, it maximizes personal productivity. It shapes people as protagonists of the company growth.

In short, the company has two crucial factors:


Meaning and business activity organisation

Scientific approach to productivity

This development creates high margins and directly acts on company productivity and motivation values. This happens even when the development aims to maximize people skills in internal product flow processes. The leader's smart and keen approach confers meaning and order on company processes. As he thinks the company system as a scientific developing approach and not as a skilled exercise. This scientific approach produces a real result because it is proportioned and coherent toward the company strong market positioning. If productivity develops without a scientific planning, an improvised growth can occur and the following critical risks:

– Reckless increase in organisational efforts
– Uncontrolled increase in unnecessary expenses
– Difficulty in replicating possible results, “ups and downs” in productivity that over the middle-long term create dangerous organisational stress
– Organisational chaos that generates conflicts and internal individualisms-antagonisms
– get used to and accept the “false productivity”, sign of company slow failure.

Lean Management

Smart company processes allow us to "think strategically" about the productivity. Productivity is the source of involvement and participation in the business long-lasting success.

Industrial business hengineering is the efficient approach to create useful productive conditions and make the company the most useful and unique company always in terms of high desirability.
The methodological quality of this scientific approach is the following:

Meauring productivity

Our consultancy is for and with people. Our focus is on the person. Individual motivation is essential to gain productivity as a collective and absolute value that can create from within ourselves. The decisive and crucial approach of the organisation, both internal and external, is toward change.


According to the vision, the startegic analysis of the productivity


Identification and control of productivity to understand the most critical numbers of company success


Productivity tactical analysis in terms of continuous improvement.


Overall picture of margin improvement practices for the strategic and tactical management of the operative, productive and financial growth


Definition and summary of definitive and useful processes of the organisation to reach the industrial business management excellence


Estimation of production function parameters for the ongoing monitoring of productivity and consolidated improvement to grant in future the essential and effective business management.

hengi requires a system strategic approach and proposes coordinated and shared intervention, the above mentioned production cycle to define, improve, gain and measure company productivity.

In short, educate ourselves to leadership to educate about excellence as a way of living.