Consulting services to and with people

Building leadership and partnership

We believe in the power of the leader’s motivationto realise by means of collaborative leadership and partnership the attitude toward change. This is to build the challenging, excessive and revolutionary vision that is the most useful and unique one for people.

People Consulting to and with people

High Strategic Consultancy

hengi believes that the right strategic consultancy approach is placing the entrepreneur, the general manager and the employee at the core of the business project.

Identifying the person

from the others, by her/his values

Satisfying him/her

For what the person has built and achieved over the years with the team, with suppliers and with customers.

Supporting him /her

For the long-term strategic vision that declares to the planet

This is the ethical principle that moves us, every day, towards the future, giving more value to the present.

High Consultancy Strategic

Our consultancy istoand with people, starting from the person. The individual motivation is needed to realise productivityas a collective and perfect value that creates within ourselves. The decisive and determining attitude of the organisation (inside and outside) to achieve change.

Vision is the "economic boson" that inspires, disseminates and protects the ethical and economic principle of the company. Vision is the manifestation of the leadership to become more and more the collective reference for the highest utility and uniqueness for the market.

To this end, our consultancy and strategic training services that are duly shared with the leadership according to the challenging long-term goal, are aimed at making people happy to commit themselves.

Putting oneself on the line with confidence, determination and responsibility for the company project that is the motivating genius to gain productivity, profit and prosperity.

Success factors to gain company quality

Leadership and people-oriented development are the real quality products of the company. They are based on 4 endogenous stable data:

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Commitment to the company culture
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Sharing strategic priorities
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Company system organisation
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Quality end result of the company
Company identity

Developing the company social, economic and commercial attitude becomes the company personality and identityin a global market context that rewards inexorably those organisations that are increasingly respecting their code of ethics. They respect their decisive strategic code and have a strong wish to be successful in achieving that uncomfortable advantage given by shared leadership.

In short, enthusiastically selfless.