A six-monthly magazine dedicated to the business world. hengimag is a window on today’s business world and on the contemporary market.

A useful tool to enhance leadership, strategic business management, communication and marketing, industrial business hengineering,human resources andreal estate 4.0.

In each issue we tell the experience of our professionals in the field, through interviews, case studies and advice.

hengi has accepted the challenge of recreating an economic model that is capable of giving the companysociality and economyas a growth valuefor and with people. Although still a small part of the planet, it is rewriting the values and rules thanks to which the next human civilization will finally make a strong and new eco-systematic agreement and guarantee of human rights.

Business Magazine

Growth becomes such only if it is collective and an ethical emblem of better people among the best.

hengimag wants to collect the strategic thinking, innovative ingenuity and attitude to change of every person who, every day, strives to make the world the best place for human beings.

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