Crediamo nelle persone e nelle relazioni, per questo organizziamo eventi per mettere in contatto imprenditori e imprese. La crescita nasce anche dal confronto con realtà completamente diverse, i nostri eventi coinvolgono i partecipanti in uno scambio in abbondanza di conoscenza, punti di vista e leadership.


Analytics and economic positivism

Now more than ever,it is clear how the enterprise is the cornerstone of the economy. We still do not understand why generic and specialized mass …

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Integration Management

That is how to create qualitative team play in order to realize the maximum collaboration and reciprocity for the great common motivation. Usually, the daily …

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The “invisible” enemy of leadership

Today’s challenge of an organization is to educate people to improvement. The market always has been a parameter in continuous evolution, and the latest international …

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Analysis of bankruptcy

Finally, I can devote myself to the subject so dear that we developed last September 18th, 2014, during the “hengi leadership event 2014” in hengi …

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The strategic business system

The business order is the decisive and determined factor to consolidate and expand the organized system called “enterprise” as natural consequence. The unavoidable and continuous …

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The thorny value of empathy

This ability to listen to others – empathy – is a human value sometimes taken for granted. Each person says is empathic, in his way, …

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