Crediamo nelle persone e nelle relazioni, per questo organizziamo eventi per mettere in contatto imprenditori e imprese. La crescita nasce anche dal confronto con realtà completamente diverse, i nostri eventi coinvolgono i partecipanti in uno scambio in abbondanza di conoscenza, punti di vista e leadership.


The leader and the analytic economy: the 4 drivers of success

The continuing stagnation of the market, a hypothesis advanced by us in unsuspecting times, is proving to be the bold reality with which the real …

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The gift of “fantasize”

During the hengi leadership event of 18 september and 03 october 2013, I realized how fundamental it is today to get back a gift that …

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Job interview

Or how to qualify and recognize the candidate really motivated to get involved for productivity useful to grow the team. At a delicate moment in …

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The “4 i” cycle

The 4i cycle highlights in an important way how fundamental the assumption of change is. Comparison with reality allows people in the organization to maintain …

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Educate the sales team to the biggest usefulness value

It becomes more and more important, for the valour evolution of the point of sale,to create and grow the team of sellers not only through …

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The strategy: an economic misunderstanding

Lately I was reading different articles from remarkable economic newspapers and meaningful written works of important manager and economists, and I was amazed observing that …

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