Our team

In our team, there are business consultants, managers, engineers, creatives.

What unites us is the passion and strength of wanting to grow the excellence of our customers, to transform their businesses into tbtb: the best of the best.

In hengi there is the culture of ameinon. Being hengi means being the best for and with people every day. Intelligence is not enough for us. Be hengi means choose every day to be the best for and with the people. Being good is not enough for us.


Luis H. Ferrari Blanco

President & Founder

Claudio Baldassini


Federica Mangiarini

Financial Manager

Laura Chiariello

HR & well-being aziendale

Elisa Arrica

Administrative Officer

Dolores Alberto Ramos

Administrative Officer

Stefano Rizzi

Administrative Officer

Paola Perini

Hsc Bu Executive

Pamela Solinas

Marketing & Lean Executive

Francesca Tosi


Gianmarco Amadori

IBH bu Manager

Laura Pontoni


Ilaria Mattei

Business Developer

Alberto Cova


Gianfranco Borda

Corporate bu Manager

Anna Lavetti

Digital content manager & copywriter

Sebastian Tołdowski

Graphic designer & Social Media Manager