Today, the company quality result is its ever-increasing desirability, both inside and outside the business. High desirability is is an indispensable parameter because it is ethical and strategic and it belongs to the socio-economic system in which we all participate.

hengi puts both the entrepreneur and general manager at the centre of its project. Making them the causative protagonists of hengy’s own growth plan that is the company and its organisation.
Leadership is what we exchange that means to educate people continuously toward change.

In order to realize the change, the businessman or the general manager has to choose a daring challenging vision to stand out. He should not grow weak in front of a rising worldwide demand. Based on this vision, he has to change his strategy and focus his tactics to build a strong market placement. A quality result is not just an excellent customer-orientated management but a steady and shared leadership orientation towards the growth of its suppliers, co-workers and customers.

hengi, changing the world

hengi is the strategic consultancy company who defines a unique method on the market: it wants to realize the challenging long-term vision of businessmen and general managers in order to make people happy and free.

Making people happy means creating the highest involvement, coherently to the company’s code of ethics, putting people into play to achieve the utility of their contribution and productivity.

The company fundamental and authentic value is its shared leadership that is motivated to change, develop and increase the organisation. It creates the conditions for the company growth on the market and allows the company to become the unique and most useful organisation. Only this kind of leadership makes the company stand out.


People’s personal motivation is the overriding principle of the organisation. To be part of a business development project and become the main character, the team player has to choose and embrace the company belief (mission), he has not just to understand it, but to share it as his own personal belief. Otherwise, if company values are not shared also by customers and suppliers, they will not be able to improve their partnership that is the active strategic collaboration needed to gain the collective growth.


The ultimate strategical skill to achieve pro-activity within the firm is creating conditions and opportunities to develop an ongoing increase. This increase must not depend on conditions. This way, the quality of the business strategy makes the organizations capable of daring, thinking forward and recognizing the error as a primary tool. This is the key to gain, replicate and improve the quality. If there is no valuable, strategical, organizational and productive discipline, the creativity is just a foolish improvisation.


Growth can be observed when objectively comparing the result with the starting point, that is the result being the highest benefit for the community. Without a social and economic responsibility, the firm has no moral right to exist. This way the vision becomes the purpose everybody has to have as it is personal responsibility. Individual performance is useless if it does not develop into collective productivity. We can also say, the collective motivation should achieve profit and planet prosperity.


The market is everyday faster, more impulsive and uncertain. The acceleration of global economic masses creates opportunities of development never seen before. An economic system that grows from 1,8 bln to 5 bln in 15 years is the best perspective ever encountered by the homo economicus.
Living the change means accepting to confront reality, as a collective value, to choose and go beyond the limits set to win for our planet and with our planet. Society needs strong, brave and well-balanced people, able to create growth for everyone. It needs people who can start a new order, where altruism and solidarity are ethical duties and goals to be achieved for everybody. Ambitious men and women, who want to spread the culture of value. They know this means self-commitment and responsibility to develop a change-oriented attitude that is necessary for the future of prosperity of our planet. These people are businessmen, general managers and employees working for hengi, people who take their leadership as a privilege of integrity, coherence and happiness for the socio-economic system. This is a social action that goes beyond people, products and time.