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Sviluppiamo le organizzazioni strategiche più ambiziose per la più alta desiderabilità sul mercato, in termini di produttività, per e con le persone.

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hengi is a strategic consultancy company who defines a unique method on the market: we want to realize the challenging long term vision of our customers in order to make people happy and free.
Making people happy means to create the maximum engagement, coherently to the firm’s ethical code, and to challenge them to realize the utility of their contribution: their productivity.
A fundamental value of the firm is its widespread leadership, motivated to the improvement for the strengthening and extension of the company. Leadership is crucial in order to create the conditions of development in the market and become the most unique and useful organization which makes the difference.
Nowadays, the highest result of a company is its growing desirability,
both from inside and outside, pointed towards evolving as a reference point,
of the socio economical system we take part of, as ethical and strategic aim.

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Reference index international company “ best people 1st”(bp1 International Index)

Human centric strategy.


Il nostro obiettivo sfidante, eccessivo, rivoluzionario e di lungo periodo

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I nostri principi etici in cui il forte credo, la coerenza e l’ambizione ai valori di altruismo rendono le persone migliori

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Chi abbiamo deciso di essere per e con gli altri, per evolvere il cambiamento come paradigma positivo del capitalismo

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Human centric strategy.


Luis H. Ferrari Blanco

President & Founder

Paola Perini

Hsc Bu Executive

Pamela Solinas

Marketing & Lean Executive

Federica Mangiarini

Financial Manager

High Strategic Consulting

HSC / Making leadership strong

It brings strategic organization into the useful and unique value of the challenging corporate vision, it makes the company the most productive and motivating for and with people.

Industrial Business Hengineering

Grow productivity attitude / IBH

The strategic organization's attitude to experiencing productivity as an intelligent, measurable, replicable, optimizable and improvable value for vision is growing.

Digital Corporate

Communicate strategically today

Create an authentic corporate identity to make the company coherent, innovative and contemporary, by designing a strategic communication that makes the difference

Strategic Applied Marketing

Strong market positioning

The winning positioning of the company is growing in the contemporary market of ideas to be a company recognized as "the best of the best"

Progetto Real Estate 4.0

Be a successful Real Estate Agency

It defines the winning development strategy, focused on customer success, with the challenging goal of growing the partnership and making the bp1 real estate agency a 4.0 enterprise, because it is capable of making a difference in the market.

the digital academy of hengi

hengi academy is here!

hengi the academy is an online growth opportunity, dedicated to all those who want to get the most out of today, for a better tomorrow.
The academy was born from hengi's experience in the field of consultancy, the online courses allow you to deepen themes of leadership, teamwork and many other aspects that will make a difference in your business!

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hengi academy is here!

hengi academy is here!

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